A challenging mystery game against the clock

Rates: $11.99/team/login

Up to 5 people per group/team (recommended) | Ages 12+

Duration: 1 hour


Agent V and the Doomsday Bomb is a code-cracking spy mystery indoor/outdoor game for teams.

Inspired and modeled after classic mystery games and the currently popular escape games, this challenge will have groups using strategy, creativity and good ole fashioned teamwork to diffuse the bomb armed by the villain in less than ONE HOUR.

This game can be played on Wi-Fi only devices if playing near a hotspot. If playing outdoors, we recommend having a data enabled device. If you desired to compete against other teams, remotely or even in the same room you can. A separate team must be purchased as each password can only be used once.

This activity is great for remote workforces. Teams can play at different times and compare their scores and completion times with other groups or you can elect to play at the same time and use video conferencing if you desire. How you play is up to you, as a family, a group of friends or 30 functional work units across the country. Teams can even join a video meeting such as ZOOM and the member who logs into our app can share his/her screen to the others.

Best of all, you need NO PROPS. The game is completely self-contained within the app. You will receive download instructions after purchase. This means all you need is a tablet or phone, Wi-Fi and/or data and you can become secret agents.

"An excerpt from the in-app instructions, ""An evil mastermind, Dr. Ronove has set up a deadly bomb which will release a super-virus to the Earth's atmosphere. Your job is to prevent the bomb from exploding. Other agents are working on the case also. Be the fastest to eliminate the bomb and save the day."

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