There's a secret exit in the castle that ends at the crossroads and you have 1 hour to find it...Good Luck

An interactive and engaging game that fosters creativity and problem solving. It was designed and created with the help of 6-10 year old children.

Rates: $11.99/team/login

Up to 5 people per team (recommended) | Ages 6-10 | A parent or older sibling is recommended depending on ages/cognitive abilities

Duration: 1 hour


Charlie, Thomas and Mia live in an old castle. The castle is at a X-junction, but the street on which it is located is called The Fifth Road. There appears to be a secret exit in the castle that ends at the crossroads. Would you like to search for the secret exit together with Charlie, Thomas and Mia?

Inspired and modeled after classic mystery games and the currently popular escape games, this challenge will have children using strategy, creativity and good ole fashioned teamwork to discover the castle's secret passage in less than ONE HOUR.

This game can be played on Wi-Fi only devices if playing near a hotspot. If playing outdoors (backyard or a park), we recommend having a data enabled device.

This activity is great for family and friends in different houses. Teams can play at different times and compare their completion times with other groups or you can elect to play at the same time and use video conferencing if you desire. How you play is up to you, as a family, a group of friends via video. Remember to only video chat with people you know.

Best of all, you need LITTLE/NO PROPS. The game is almost completely self-contained within the app. Pen/paper is recommended. You will receive download instructions after purchase. This means all you need is a tablet or phone, Wi-Fi and/or data and you can become a little detective.

Please note, by purchasing this product you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to use any photos and/videos submitted during game play for marketing purposes.

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